Rs. 899

** Within Maharashtra: Mango box is dispatched by road transport from our Ratnagiri farm to your kitchen in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur etc.

** Outside Maharashtra: Mango box is dispatched by road transport to Mumbai airport and then air-shipped to your city. Courier cost per kg of Air Freight is much higher than road transport Within Maharashtra and hence the price difference.

** More the Merrier:  
                     Rs 100 Discount if you order 2 Dozen ( Included in Price)
                     Rs 200 Discount if you order 3 Dozen
                     Rs 300 Discount if you order 4 Dozen

** Bronze Grade : Each mango in range of 170 to 200 grams
** Silver Grade:  Each mango in range of 200 to 230 grams
** Gold Grade: Each mango in range of 230 to 260 grams
** Platinum Grade: Each mango in range of 260 to 300 grams
There is no difference in the quality, taste, color etc. of our Alphonso mangoes across the different grades.

** Geographical Indication (GI): AU/6911/GI/139/672 - Certifies our mangoes as pure authentic Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes.

 ** Post harvesting, mangoes are naturally ripened in grass for few days before dispatch. We NEVER use any chemical ripening agents like Calcium carbide.

** Mangoes are very sensitive to heat. We ship 40 to 50% semi ripened green mangoes that are hard and can withstand the heat during courier duration of 2 to 5 days. If we dispatch ripened soft mangoes from our Ratnagiri farm, they will surely get damaged in transit. Once they reach your kitchen, the green mangoes will ripen in 2 to 3 days. Keep them in the box to ripen. Under no condition put them in a refrigerator.

** Prices are inclusive of Courier Costs.

A mango is not just a mango… it is a Farmer saying ‘I heart you’

Partake in this expression of love by gifting your dear ones top quality, handpicked, organic Alphonso / Hapus from God’s own 'Mango Country' i.e. the Ratnagiri district of the Konkan belt of Maharashtra.

Come Enjoy this delicacy of nature in the summer!