Rs. 499

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** GOLD W210 is LARGE size cashew with 201 Cashews kernels to 1 Pound.
Silver W240 is MEDIUM size cashew with 240 Cashew kernels to 1 Pound.
Bronze W320 is SMALL size cashew with 320 Cashew kernels to 1 Pound.
There is no difference in quality and taste across the three different grades named Bronze W320, Silver W240 and Gold W210. 

** Geographical Indication (GI): AU/6911/GI/139/672

** Prices are inclusive of Courier Costs.

Cashews are high in Protein and Dietary Fiber and are Gluten-Free. Our farm Cashew Nuts are hand picked and processed as per international standards. They are rich in taste and nutritious. 

Come Enjoy this delicacy of nature all year round!