Rs. 899

** Within Maharashtra: Mango box is dispatched by road transport from our Ratnagiri farm to your kitchen in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur etc.

** Outside Maharashtra: Mango box is dispatched by road transport to Mumbai airport and then air-shipped to your city. Courier cost per kg of Air Freight is much higher than road transport Within Maharashtra and hence the price difference.

** More the Merrier:
                     Rs 100 Discount if you order 2 Dozen ( Included in Price)
                     Rs 200 Discount if you order 3 Dozen
                     Rs 300 Discount if you order 4 Dozen

** Bronze Grade : Each mango in range of 170 to 200 grams
** Silver Grade:  Each mango in range of 200 to 230 grams
** Gold Grade: Each mango in range of 230 to 260 grams
** Platinum Grade: Each mango in range of 260 to 300 grams
There is no difference in the quality, taste, color etc. of our Kesar mangoes across the different grades.

** Geographical Indication (GI): AU/6911/GI/139/672 - Certifies our mangoes as pure authentic Ratnagiri Kesar mangoes.

** Mangoes are very sensitive to heat. We ship 40 to 50% semi ripened green mangoes that are hard and can withstand the heat during courier duration of 2 to 5 days. If we dispatch ripened soft mangoes from our Ratnagiri farm, they will surely get damaged in transit. Once they reach your kitchen, the green mangoes will ripen in 2 to 3 days. Keep them in the box to ripen. Under no condition put them in a refrigerator.

** Post harvesting, mangoes are naturally ripened in grass for few days before dispatch. We NEVER use any chemical ripening agents like Calcium carbide.

** Prices are inclusive of Courier Costs.

A mango is not just a mango… it is a Farmer saying ‘I heart you’

Partake in this expression of love by gifting your dear ones top quality, handpicked, organic Kesar mango from God’s own 'Mango Country' i.e. the Ratnagiri district of the Konkan belt of Maharashtra.

Come Enjoy this delicacy of nature in the summer!