Ratna Hapus Box

Ratna Hapus Box

Ratna Hapus Box

Rs. 799


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** We provide FREE SHIPPING in Maharashtra. 

** Ratna is a local Ratnagiri mango variety that is more juicy and pulpy than its famous cousin: the alphonso mango. True connoisseur of Mangoes are well aware of its rich taste and strong aroma. This is a small endeavour to promote local mango varieties that may otherwise face extinction due to low awareness and demand.

** Mango fruit weight grading is done at unripe, harvesting stage. As Mangoes are ripened naturally in grass, fruit weight reduces from 10% to 25% due to moisture evaporation in summer.

** Baby: Each Mango weighs in range of 150 to 180 grams
** Bronze: Each Mango weighs in range of 180 to 210 grams
** Silver:  Each Mango weighs in range of 210 to 240 grams
** Gold: Each Mango weighs in range of 240 to 270 grams
** Platinum: Each Mango weighs in range of 270 to 300 grams
** Platinum Plus: Each Mango weighs in range of 300 to 330 grams
There is no difference in the quality, taste, color etc. of our Ratna Hapus mangoes across the different grades.

** Geographical Indication (GI) Tag No: AU/6911/GI/139/672 - Certifies our mangoes as pure authentic Ratnagiri Ratna Hapus mangoes.

 ** Post harvesting, mangoes are naturally ripened in grass for few days before dispatch. We NEVER use any chemical ripening agents like Calcium carbide.

** Mangoes are very sensitive to heat. We ship 20% to 30% semi ripened green mangoes that are hard and can withstand the heat during courier shipping process. If we dispatch ripened, soft mangoes from our Ratnagiri farm, they will surely get damaged in transit. Once they reach your kitchen, the green mangoes will ripen in few days. Keep them in the box to ripen. Under no condition put them in a refrigerator.

A mango is not just a mango… it is a Farmer saying ‘I heart you’

Partake in this expression of love by gifting your dear ones top quality, handpicked, organic Ratna Hapus mangoes from God’s own 'Mango Country' i.e. the Ratnagiri district of the Konkan belt of Maharashtra.

Come Enjoy this delicacy of nature in the summer!